Couples/Relationship Therapy

Though I am a registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT), I want to clarify that I am not limited to doing therapy with people who are interested in starting or are currently in marriages or families.  I am a relationship therapist.  

Whatever style of relationship you choose, desire, or find yourself in, and however you identify your gender or sexuality, you are nonetheless always in relationship, and when you are in relationship, things "come up."  

I am here to support you and your relationship and encourage a collaborative approach, working on issues such as:



  • parenting, co-parenting, single-parenting

  • sexual identity

  • polyamory

  • infidelity/trust issues

  • attachment issues

  • communication problems

  • dating difficulties

  • multi-cultural and multi-racial relationships


My rates are sliding-scale, based on income: ($80-$160)

I have a limited amount of low-fee ($60) spots available, please ask:

My fee is for a standard 50-minute session. (If you would like a 75- or 90-minute session that can be arranged).