The type of psychotherapy I practice I call Holistic Psychotherapy. This means that I view you as a whole and as a variety of interconnected parts. You are totally and completely unique, while at the same time, inseparable from, and thus impacted by the people, places, things, and events around you, near and far.

Together, we will inquire into the multi-faceted nature of your being: psychological, emotional, somatic, environmental, spiritual, historical, cultural, political, etc.

These many facets, or “parts” of you, work in concert with each other to produce a felt-sense of “being.” Well-being arises when these parts are in relationship with each other, functioning relatively harmoniously, with a certain degree of flow within and between them. Well-being remains elusive when the relationship between these parts has become blocked, imbalanced, or left unseen.  

This can lead to a variety of symptoms / issues / concerns that may cause problems in your relationships, at home, at work, with family, friends and loved ones.


-identity issues or crises
-relationship problems
-sex and sexuality
-creative process and blockages
-chronic illness / disability / psychosomatic symptoms
-LGBT related issues
-spiritual emergence / non-ordinary states of consciousness
-major life-transitions
-low self-esteem / doubt / shame


My rates are sliding-scale, based on income: ($70-$150)

I have a limited amount of low-fee ($60) spots available, please ask:

My fee is for a standard 50-minute session. (If you would like a 75- or 90-minute session that can be arranged).