Ecotherapy is an umbrella term that describes the process of healing that occurs naturally while immersing oneself into the ways and rhythms of nature.  It is a "nature as therapist" approach.  I hope to co-facilitate and guide this process, in order to help you align with the healing powers inherent in the natural world.  I offer both individual sessions as well as group sessions in natural settings, such as Redwood Regional Park, Tilden Park and Mount Tamalpais.  


  • nature and psyche / nature and healing

  • psychotherapy in nature (individual / group)

  • ritual

  • mindfulness / meditation

  • self as nature / nature as self / identity

  • creativity

  • Forest Bathing (shinrin-yoku)

  • meditation / mindfulness 

*RATES of ecotherapy sessions vary from in office rates, based on duration and location.  Please inquire if you are intersted.  510-289-0203.


Nature as Therapist - Process Group & Workshop:

This group is for anyone interested in exploring, deepening, and expanding their relationship with self, other, and with nature (regardless of level of experience):

Through psychotherapeutic processmindfulness meditation and ritual, as well as creative process, we will explore the self-healing and generative powers inherent within the nature / self connection.

This group will meet three consecutive Sundays (dates TBD) 9:30am-1:00pm. Cost will be $180 in total.  Please email or call with any questions:  (650) 265-1193: